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Thank you for visiting my website. This site is an extension of my family history site ashley-surname.org.uk and is my hope that it becomes a repository of history and memories from the village of Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. We also have an active Facebook group with over 2400 members, join the discussion.

Our Mission: To capture, document and record as much about Smallthorne’s history as possible.

SMALLTHORN on the north-east side of Burslem (SJ 8850). Smallthorne 1572 SHC  XIII 287, 1838 O.S., Smalthorne 1597 Norton-in-the-Moors ParReg. From OE smœl ‘narrow, thin’, and OE þorn ‘a thorn-tree’, ‘the narrow belt of thorns’.  Smalethornis recorded in the 13th century (SHC XI 324), appears to have been in Barlaston.

Courtesy of The Place-Names of Staffordshire by David Horowitz

Smallthorne Past

Smallthorne Past

Many of you will have grown up or lived in Smallthorne at some point in your life. By documenting the memories of residents and the history of Smallthorne we hope to preserve Smallthorne’s rich heritage.

Smallthorne Present

Smallthorne Present

The present is tomorrows history. The world is forever changing which is why it is important to create a record of the here and now so one day future generations can look back on it as history.

Smallthorne Future

Smallthorne Future

We can’t predict what the future holds for Smallthorne but we all have an important part to play in shaping the future of the village. So future generations can look forward to forging lasting memories of happy times in Smallthorne.

Latest History & Memories

Auction Brochure from 1909

A large document with maps of land for sale, equivalent to a modern estate agents leaflet or auction brochure. This helps me build a timeline of the houses in the village. St Mary’s Church was built in 1905 and these plots of land were that side of Camp Road... read more

Smallthorne to Smallthorne

You can take the man out of Smallthorne but you can’t take Smallthorne out of the man. or From Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent to Smallthorne Tasmania Further to Publishing “Village Changes – A Tribute to Thomas Tomkinson” some of Thomas’s descendents have been... read more

Smallthorne Open Air Swimming Pool

This wonderful photograph of Smallthorne Open Air Swimming Pool was sent to use by Jean and Phill who has kindly given permission to include it on the site. She also shared the following memory with us “I was born in the late 1940’s so my only memories of... read more

Alternative Courage

My dad was a shopkeeper D.E. Allman, Grocer and Wine Merchant, Purveyor of Fine Foods. Commonly called Danny’s. His was a corner shop in an area of back to back terraced houses peopled by hard working, hard living families loyal to Danny who had seen them right... read more

Local Events & Site Notices

5 Year Anniversary Mug

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Smallthorne History website I have ordered some mugs. Mugs are £3.00 each or 4 for £11.00, I can arrange local delivery/collection, please email me at barry@smallthorne-history.org.uk. You can also buy a mug online for UK... read more

Website Upgrade

The website has undergone a few changes, some slightly cosmetic but most of the work has been done behind the scenes to keep it up to date and the main change to make the size responsive so it is more mobile friendly.

read more

Merry Christmas Smallthorne

Merry Christmas to all website visitors past, present and future and to members of the Facebook group. A big Festive thank you to all those who’ve contributed and shared words, memories and photos.

read more

Smallthorne History Talk – 18th October 2015

On the 18th October I have been asked to give a short talk and my chosen subject is Smallthorne History. Please apply for tickets to Ford Green Hall directly. There will be an admission charge with all proceeds going to support the running and upkeep of the Hall. This is number two in a series of talks.

read more

Smallthorne People

They are a stoical people who have one foot in the town and one foot in the country.The village of Smallthorne is the last knuckle of the Pennine chain, the last little lump of a hill before the land becomes flatter and the Midlands begin. It is most definitely a part of the North, a part of the Staffordshire moorlands, and whenever I go through this country I know it is my own clod, the place my tribe comes from. by Arthur Berry

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