History & Memories

Auction Brochure from 1909

A large document with maps of land for sale, equivalent to a modern estate agents leaflet or auction brochure. This helps me build a timeline of the houses in the village. St Mary’s Church was built in 1905 and these plots of land were that side of Camp Road... read more

Smallthorne to Smallthorne

You can take the man out of Smallthorne but you can’t take Smallthorne out of the man. or From Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent to Smallthorne Tasmania Further to Publishing “Village Changes – A Tribute to Thomas Tomkinson” some of Thomas’s descendents have been... read more

Smallthorne Open Air Swimming Pool

This wonderful photograph of Smallthorne Open Air Swimming Pool was sent to use by Jean and Phill who has kindly given permission to include it on the site. She also shared the following memory with us “I was born in the late 1940’s so my only memories of... read more

Alternative Courage

My dad was a shopkeeper D.E. Allman, Grocer and Wine Merchant, Purveyor of Fine Foods. Commonly called Danny’s. His was a corner shop in an area of back to back terraced houses peopled by hard working, hard living families loyal to Danny who had seen them right... read more

V.E. Day – Poem by Ann Graal

Here’s an ancient photo, the me of here and now impressed at how, in a frugal time, those mums (other mums, I mean, more clued up, more ambitious than my own) contrived red Indians, two cowboys and a tiny bride – half- familiar faces, grinning or else gawping out from... read more

Down Smallthorne – Poem by Ann Graal

Aunt Maud, who’d never slept a night away from 4 Wharf Street, two up two down, rented, close to where they piled the coal from Bellerton and Sneyd – reads only columns of the Evening Sentinel’s Births, Marriages and Deaths, her lips laboriously shaping names she’d... read more

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