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Alternative Courage

My dad was a shopkeeper D.E. Allman, Grocer and Wine Merchant, Purveyor of Fine Foods. Commonly called Danny’s. His was a corner shop in an area of back to back terraced houses peopled by hard working, hard living families loyal to Danny who had seen them right... read more

V.E. Day – Poem by Ann Graal

Here’s an ancient photo, the me of here and now impressed at how, in a frugal time, those mums (other mums, I mean, more clued up, more ambitious than my own) contrived red Indians, two cowboys and a tiny bride – half- familiar faces, grinning or else gawping out from... read more

Down Smallthorne – Poem by Ann Graal

Aunt Maud, who’d never slept a night away from 4 Wharf Street, two up two down, rented, close to where they piled the coal from Bellerton and Sneyd – reads only columns of the Evening Sentinel’s Births, Marriages and Deaths, her lips laboriously shaping names she’d... read more

Smallthorne Miners’ Hostel

I was very lucky to be contacted by Yvonne Findlay who wanted to know the whereabouts of a statue that her father sculpted in memory of his colleagues. The statue was at the Miners Hostel and I then got to see some fantastic pictures which Yvonne has given me permission to share.

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Sid Bailey Talk – 30th September 2015

It was the first day back for Kendall Prosser and the Living at Home History Group at Salem Methodist Church in Smallthorne. Kendall had organised a talk by Sid Bailey a well known local teacher and historian. I had booked the day off work to attend this and do some other research.

As the exercise group left and the History group gathered, Kendall went to fetch Sid who is now in his 90’s (born 1922) and when he arrived, Sid took his place at a table in front a dozen or so interested folk.

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Arthur Berry: A Three and Sevenpence Ha’penny Man


Available on DVD for the first time – this is a unique collection of Central TV and ATV appearances. Arthur talks passionately about his work, reads out some of his poems and gives his views on the The Potteries and its people as he walks around Burslem.

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A Very Local History

An initiative by Neil Dawson to set up a series of talks on local interest including one by myself on Smallthorne History. A very reasonable admission price and all to support the Hall. The intent is to culminate in a Literary Festival next Summer supported as a wider event in Stoke on Trent. Great talk by Fred who spoke with passion and knowledge about local history that was totally captivating.

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