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I am not an academic poet and I am sure that I have not adhered to all the structural forms for poetry and verse but to me that’s how it should be. I have written the poems within this book over a number of years and written from the heart. I consider myself to be an ordinary working class man who was blessed with an active brain and life experience has taught me compassion, empathy, resilience and luckily my inherent humour has seen me through many difficult times.

Most of my writing is based on personal experience and I found it a way of coping with particular phase in my life. Some you will find serious, dark whilst others are humours. Whatever you take from them I hope that you will at least part of this book.

You may also find that some of my writing applies to you or situations you have been in, in which case please take some comfort that the human spirit can overcome many difficulties.

What people are saying about the book.

“Your book is moving me to tears. I have so much empathy with your thoughts in the first couple of chapters. Thanks also for the lovely message you kindly wrote to me on the inside cover.”

“As I read the first few poems with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I peeked into the soul of the ‘big man’ that had stood on my doorstep not 10 minutes before. Read on when I got home form ‘up Anley duck’ and then I laughed. An emotional, thought provoking rollercoaster. Thank you Barry Ashley, it’s your story but in parts was so me.”

“Ay Up Baz, I have never been so affected by someone’s work as I have by your book. It is a wonderful piece of work, and once that can make you laugh out loud and cry in equal measures. You should be very proud, and I home that City Voices have in a small way helped you to progress to getting your work into print. Must go now, I’m filling up!”

“Barry, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your great book. The poetry is inspirational, not to mention funny in the lighter sections. It is what I like about poetry, the heart behind the words. You have a really strong poetic voice that comes through in your writing and you have given me the confidence to want to put my work together as you have done. I think the strength lies in reading your poetry as a collection, the poems take on a greater life. Well done you, it is excellent. I will need your advice on how to do a book as I haven’t a clue where to start. I can’t put your book down. It’s what I call real poetry.”

ISBN – 978-0-9956372-0-7
Author – Barry Ashley
Publisher – Smallthorne Publishing
Printers – Rowtype Printers Ltd

£4.99 + £1.54 UK Delivery (Ships 3-5 working days)


All profits from sales of this book will be donated to one or more local good causes yet to be decided. I will post an update here once a donation hase been made, Thank you.

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