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The Way We Were

There will be a larger article featuring this website in The Way We Were (The Sentinel) on Saturday August 24th 2013. Keep an eye out!

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Get Involved

This site has been set up for the local community and we welcome your ideas for content. Our time is limited so we would also like to encourage you to make contributions where you can. If you have photographs or written accounts of your memories of Smallthorne then we...

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Website Promotion

The Sentinal on Saturday June 22nd 2013 featured this letter in 'The Way Were Were' from Barry promoting this site. Incase you missed it or don't live locally anymore we've provided this scan.

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Introduction to Smallthorne

I am a Smallthorne lad born and bred and now intend to make sure that more Smallthorne history is recorded. If you search for Smallthorne on the internet you will find a few entries and the main one is a Wikipedia page that outlines the beginning of Smallthorne as a rural area with the main farmhouse of Ford Green Hall still standing through its industrial life with an iron works, chain works and coal mines. It was then as is it today with its roundabouts today a hub of sorts. Back then it was rail and canals linking mines and now its roads converge at the top of the hill leading to Burslem, Hanley, and Chell etc.

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Welcome to

A very warm welcome to I hope this site can become a repository for history and memories from Smallthorne. This site is an offshoot of Thanks for visiting Barry

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