The Old Baker’s Shop in Smallthorne by Doris Machin (nee Tyler)

Dad was a miner. He worked on the coal face at Whitfield Colliery. When I was a
small child I used to meet him sometimes from work — he’d pick me up and I
can still remember the smell of coal-dust, sweat and tobacco all intermingled.
But surprise, surprise, when he had cleaned himself up, scrubbed all the coal
from under his finger-nails, he used to crochet lovely fine cloths, with intricate
butterfly patterns around the edges. He also wrote lovely, romantic poetry, but best
of all, he could cook. Not the ordinary, everyday kind of cooking, but fancy cakes
and pies. All his apple pies had fancy. professional looking edgings.

Memories of childhood in Bradeley by John Bourne

My first memories of childhood are of living with my mother, father and sister,
and an old man. The old man was a Mr Bream and, as I learned in later life, my
family was lodging with him. The house was, I think, 42 Unwin Street, Bradeley,
and my sisters tells me that my favourite pastime in those early years was
throwing the old man’s stick into the street for him to fetch. At this time I would
be four years old. Some time after this, my mother got tenancy of a house in South
Street, Bradeley- number 15,next to my Gran who lived at number 13,with her
son, my Uncle Bill.

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