Smoking chimney pots, grey roof tiles
Paving stones stretching out for miles
Hopscotch numbers a game of tick
Knock some doors play a trick
Two up two down, back to back
Swing in the yard and a vegetable patch
Aggie’s oatcakes, saving stamps
Sunny smiles, brownie camps
Back doors open wipe your feet
School board man is in the street
Anniversary at Sunday school
Got a prize that was cool
Made a den, caught a newt
Janet and John my reading book
Sunday tea, tinned ham for me
Jelly and cream, please don’t be mean
Fire is roaring, sitting on the hearth
Sunday night bath, washing on the rack
Hot water bottle, an eiderdown
Time for bed, we children frown
My little village falling asleep
These are my memories of Unwin Street

Susan Leese (nee Rigby) September 2014

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