Smallthorne has a large elderly population, twice the City’s average. Nearly a third of its residents live in council housing and there is an even larger proportion in terraced housing (Source: 2001 Census). According to the Council’s Neighbourhood Area Profile (July 2006), Smallthorne “is typified by large areas of privately-owned terraced housing and significant areas of semi-detached council-housing”. The average gross household income of Smallthorne residents is lower than the City’s average but there are ten other neighbourhoods in the City that are poorer (Source: CACI Ltd). Social housing in the area is usually very sought after and private house prices are buoyant.[1]

Taken from Wikipedia - 25th May 2013
[1]Steve Johnston (July 2006) "Neighbourhood Area Profile: Smallthorne NA23", Knowledge Management, Stoke on Trent City Council

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