We’ve had a request from Dr Alan Holdcroft…

Are you a Holdcroft who is interested in genealogy, and with ancestors in Norton-in-the-Moors/Norton Green, or known to be one of the ‘descendants of Walter Holdcroft b ~1600 Norton-le-moors’.

I am a member of an international genetic genealogy group ‘U-106 haplogroup’ whose purpose is to carry out genealogical DNA testing on the Y (male) chromosome, with the purpose of identifying common ancestry in the more distant genealogical past (pre-surnames) and inferring their origins and migrations.

In our case we’re (most probably) not part of the 70%-ish majority ‘indigenous’ English males, so when and from where did we come to Britain – as Belgae, with the influx of Germanic tribes, or Franks (with the Norman invasion)? By pooling results, resources and testing to see who matches who, we can make inferences about this.

If you’re interested email me at <href=”mailto:alholdcroft@hotmail.co.uk”>alholdcroft@hotmail.co.uk

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