I recently has a few strange questions put to me so I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things:

I don’t make a penny out of running the Smallthorne History website, I fund it myself and it’s a joint effort with my nephew who takes care of the design and upkeep for which I am grateful.
What I ‘get out of it’ is a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment especially when I can help people.
By contributions I mean pics and words as it gives folk chance to publish something they wouldn’t normally have chance to, especially if they’re not PC literate.

I only publish stuff if people want me to and at all other times I respect people’s privacy and copyright.

Purely and simply I would be doing the research anyway but involving everyone else give some flesh to the bones that are the facts. Anyone searching for an ulterior motive won’t find one. The time, effort and expense is my choice and I don’t want a medal for it. So ENJOY.

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