We’ve received a request for information regarding two former employee’s of the Cooperative in Smallthorne.

My mother and father met and worked Smallthorne co-op from approx 1930 till 1939/40 I am trying to find out anything I can about their workplace, colleagues and working conditions can you help in any way.

My mothers full name was Ruth Mabel Biddulph, Born 9/10/1915. Address 115 Gordon Street, Burslem. She moved to Wharf House, Etruria Vale in approx 1930 so I am not sure which address she would have started work from.
My fathers name was Arnold Bailey, Born 2/10/14. Address 17 Unwin Street, Bradeley (Smallthorne on his birth certificate).

Hope this helps
Many Thanks
John Bailey

If you recognise those names or have any information that may help John then please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of every page or via Facebook if you are part of the group.

This is some info we already have on the Coop when the Burslem co-operative society was set up that Smallthorne was one of the first branches, I can send you more detail on this. The branch was originally on the junction of King Street (now Kinver Street and Leek Road (now Ford Green Road) and is now used as a Launderette. There were stables behind to house the horses that were used for bread and milk deliveries and specific locations are found in the 1911 census and trade directories from the 1940’s. The shop moved to brand new premises in the late 50’s early sixties below what is now Robert Heath Street (the shop is now Mr Big deal). Prior to the new building there was a public house there called The Rising Sun.
Some of the word of mouth memories of the old Co-op involve the transfer of money in tubes from one place in the building to the next though I know what this is I have no documentary evidence. I think the conditions would have been favourable as the Co-Op was a progressive employer and as it gained popularity employed a good number of local people.

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