Below is a list of street names in Smallthorne that were renamed in the early 1950’s

  From: To:  
  Albert Street Athlone Street  
  Chapel Lane Sangster Lane  
  Church Street Kirk Street  
  Church Street (back) Leslie Street  
  Derby Street Chain Street  
  Edward Street Coseley Street  
  George Street Nation Street  
  Heath Street Robert Heath Street  
  High Street Jolly Street  
  Hill Street Fell Street  
  King Street Kniver Street  
  King Street South Jupiter Street  
  Leek Road Ford Green Road*  
  Market Street Ashman Street  
  Queen Street Brierley Street  
  Scragg Street Orion Street  
  Stanley Street Livingston Street  
  Victoria Street Regina Street  
  Wedgwood Street Preston Street  
  Wharf Street Stellar Street  
  William Street Whatmore Street  


* – indicates renumbering of houses


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